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Hmm let me think why I did this crazy ass thing. This will be edited to the correct stuff.

F**k other social media sites!

One of the reason's was I got sick of all the policing that other social media platforms have been doing over the years and it's fake fact checking BS. So I wanted a place to make my own posts even if it offended others that get butt hurt easily over simple funny meme's. So if you get butt hurt easy I recommand using Facebook. -=[Repo]=-


We at wehub Space will not discredit for being Gay or polical left or right or what ever. All we ask is to respectful others and if you get butt hurt I recommend deleting your WehubSpace account becase this is the Internet and almost everything is a F**king joke anyways. So have fun and let the words roll off like a big fat joint. -=[Repo]=-