Upgrade to Pro

Wehubspace has been updated.

[Added] View X New Posts in Newsfeed
[Added] Multi-Level Affiliates System
[Added] ADS Approval System
[Added] Position of the Currency Symbol (Left|Right)
[Added] Voice Note Encoding (MP3|OGG|WAV)
[Added] Voice Note Duration
[Added] Uploads CDN
[Added] Custom Ban Message
[Added] Custom Pro Package Message
[Added] Upgraded Page after Buying Pro Package
[Added] Points/Follower in Points System
[Added] Points/Referred in Points System
[Added] Phone Code in Signup Form
[Added] Lightbox Download Button
[Added] Translate Countries Names
[Added] Translate Blog Categories in Article Page
[Added] Show Stories From All Users
[Fixed] Max Posts Limit for Pages
[Fixed] Header/Footer Ads
[Fixed] Donate Permission
[Fixed] Header Menu Scroll
[Fixed] Forum Thread/Reply Username Bug
[Fixed] Languages Menu CSS
[Fixed] Recorded Audio in IOS
[Fixed] Back Home After Deleting Post
[Fixed] User Biography Multiple Lines
[Fixed] Minor Bugs